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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page contains all questions that we are asked most, for example about our tracked undercarriages, powerpacks and final drives. The answer you are looking for is probably on the list.
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Tracked undercarriage

We specialise in tracked undercarriages which are engineered for you in-house and which are efficiently assembled with standard components and standard modules. This ensures that you can rely on an excellent custom solution, with short lead times at competitive prices.

Do you want to know what undercarriage is best for your machine? Use the Track frame selector below to help you choose.

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VTS can make tracked undercarriages for loads between 300 and 400,000 kg. You can select either rubber tracks or steel tracks, depending on the desired capacities and load. Or you could choose an extendable tracked undercarriage, which is ideal for applications where the width of the undercarriage matters, e.g. for narrow passageways. You also have the choice to purchase a high speed tracked undercarriage, which can travel at a speed of 25 km/h.

Rubber tracks means that the tracks of the undercarriage are made of rubber. A tracked undercarriage with rubber tracks is mainly used in construction, agriculture and industry. Due to their low soil pressure, rubber tracks leave almost no impressions in the subsoil and do not damage it.  That is why rubber tracks are suitable for virtually all subsoils, especially for mud, sand and snow. Read more about rubber tracks.

A tracked undercarriage on steel tracks is mainly used for heavy transports. Those undercarriages can carry loads of 2 to 200 tonnes. A steel track has no problem negotiating rough surfaces of stones, rocks and boulders. Read more about steel tracks.

Are you unsure whether to choose rubber or steel tracks? Please contact us and we will help you out.

VTS Track Solutions supplies track systems that are hydraulically extendable/can be widened. An extendable track system provides for even better stability.  The extendable track systems also take up less space, so they can be transported in compliance with the transport regulations. Hydraulic cylinders provide for the extension and retraction movements of the frames.  Small types may even pass through a standard door opening in some cases.

Read more about extendable tracked undercarriages.

VTS high speed tracked undercarriages are designed to travel at high speed. Depending on the type, the high speed track systems can reach speeds of around 25 km per hour. High speed tracked undercarriages are especially useful when your machine needs to travel long distances and/or on (public) roads. With high speed track systems, the rollers run up to the sides of the rubber tracks, leading to less wear and tear and no damage to the subsoil. There is also improved damping and stability.

Read more about high speed tracked undercarriages.


We can provide you with electric, electric-hydraulic, electric battery and fuel powerpacks. The electric power packs are also available in battery version. The components used in the powerpacks are of class A quality and available worldwide.

The need for powerpacks vary from customer to customer. To meet every customer’s needs, every powerpack made by VTS is different. Depending on the needs and wishes of customers, the VTS team designs and develops the ideal powerpack.

Read more about our powerpacks.

Final drives

You can easily and quickly order a new final drive for your machine online at Fargo Drives is part of VTS and specialises in the best quality final drives. You can order a replacement final drive for your machine via Fargo Drives.

Are you looking for an electric final drive? Fargo Drives can help you out! Please contact

In addition to new final drives, VTS Track Solutions also provides reconditioned drives. These final drives are reconditioned in our own workshop with the specialist equipment we have at our disposal. Each final drive is thoroughly checked for operation after the reconditioning. They are therefore supplied with a test certificate and exchange guarantee.

We have a number of reconditioned final drives in stock. For a selection of what is currently on offer, please visit the Used Final Drives page. Is the final drive you need not listed below? contact us.

A final drive that is broken can often be repaired at a good price, after which it can still be used for many years to come. We will send you an estimate for the repair in advance. Please contact us for more information.

When you purchase a new or reconditioned final drive, you may still be able to return your old defective final drive. We may be able to use it in some way! Please send it to us or bring it to our workshop in Maarheeze for a valuation. Feel free to contact us for more information.