On the VTS website you may encounter some terms that you do not understand. We have now made a list of all these terms. Click on the term and the explanation will be displayed.

An AVT (Anti-Vibration Track) contains lugs in the form of wybertjes. Because the contact between the lugs and rollers is constant, the AVT rubber tracks provide a significant level of vibration. This also reduces wear and tear on the undercarriage and provides greater operator comfort. AVT rubber tracks are ideal for machines that often work on hard surfaces. When working on soft surfaces, AVT rubber tracks are not recommended. This is because dirt can accumulate more quickly between the lugs.

VTS Track Solutions is able to equip reconditioned undercarriages with anti-vibration tracks. Contact us to find out about the options.

VTS Track Solutions develops customer-specific tracked undercarriages for machines operating while moving, such as transport machines, harvesting machines and excavators. These undercarriages can be equipped with rubber tracks as well as steel tracks.

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Electric final drives offer a CO2-free solution when it comes to final drives. Replacing the existing hydraulic final drives with electric variants is often possible. The electric drives are perfectly suited for applications in self-propelled robots, mining, agriculture, tracked vehicles, construction applications and indoor logistics solutions.

Fargo Drives, part of VTS, is specialised in drive motors. Visit for more information on electric drives. Request a quote for an electric final drive here.

Electric tracked undercarriages are a sustainable solution. Electrically driven undercarriages using Li-ion batteries have fast charging times and the maintenance-free nature of the machine ensure that it can be used continuously. Furthermore, an electric drive driven by a Li-ion battery qualifies for subsidy.

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Electric-hydraulic powerpacks have a hybrid form. They combine the power of hydraulics with the efficiency of electric power. These hybrid powerpacks are compact, robust, quiet and easy to maintain.

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Extendible undercarriages are undercarriages that can be extended or widened. An extendible undercarriage provides greater stability and is also ideal for small spaces. It also promotes ease of transport. In extendible undercarriages, hydraulic cylinders are used to extend or retract the frames. Extendable undercarriages can be equipped with either rubber tracks or steel tracks and the design is available for lighter and heavier types.

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A tracked undercarriage driven by a fuel engine is a smart solution when the undercarriage has to travel a lot and/or at high speed. A power pack in the form of a fuel engine provides the power required to drive the hydraulic functions. The power pack is optimised in such a way by software and technical modifications that the machine’s emissions and noise level are greatly reduced. In addition, these powerpacks are compact and all the necessary hydraulic functions can be integrated into the machine.

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If you need to drive your machine on (public) roads and/or travel long distances, a high speed track system is an excellent choice.  The high speed undercarriages reach a maximum speed of up to 25 kilometres per hour, depending on the type . With High Speed undercarriages costly transportation of your track system is no longer necessary.

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The hydraulic drives of Fargo Drives (part of VTS) are durable, efficient and compact. They are mainly used in excavators, but can be used for any tracked vehicle that is looking for a drive of the best quality. Each final drive is tested for leakage, pressure, flow and two speeds. This guarantees the reliability and quality of the final drives.

Fargo Drives, part of VTS, is specialised in drive motors. Visit for more information on hydraulic drives. Easily order a final drive for your machine here.

The OEM number is the number that the original manufacturer assigns to the respective drive. This number can be found in the parts manual of the machine.

Machines such as aerial lifts, moors, concrete pumps and cranes have a greater degree of stability because they operate on outriggers. VTS develops undercarriages for these machine types to be compatible with the outriggers. The undercarriages increase the ease of transport of these machines.

The powerpack provides the power for the undercarriage’s final drive. In addition, the powerpack can be built to meet all the energy needs of the machine. A powerpack is primarily required for the track-mobile solution for the undercarriage’s final drive. Powerpacks are available in different types. From a fuel motor to electric and hybrid (electric-hydraulic) to battery-powered.

The rubber track is part of the undercarriage on which the machine moves. The rubber track fits around the undercarriage. A rubber track undercarriage is suitable for all terrain, hardly leaves any traces and does not damage the surface. Its stability and maneuverability ensure efficient and safe working.

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VTS Track Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies customers with specific solutions for stationary machines such as drilling machines, aerial lifts, driving machinery and cranes. Want to know what options we have for your machine? Complete the contact form, or use the selector tool.

The steel track is part of the undercarriage on which the machine moves. Steel tracks are a durable and solid choice for heavy loads. Steel tracks are ideal on all soft surfaces as well as rough surfaces. Steel tracks are therefore always stable regardless of the terrain. Steel tracks are also more wear resistant and the risk of breakage is less than for rubber tracks. That is why they are especially suitable for heavy transports. VTS provides tracked undercarriages for load from 2 to 200 tonnes.

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The VTS Track frame selector helps you find the most suitable undercarriage for your machine and type of work. The only information you need to fill in is the maximum machine mass, including the undercarriage, and the undercarriage class and type. Do you have any doubts about the class of your machine? The configurator lists examples for each class. After entering the data, and after pressing ‘search’, several lengths will be displayed. You can now choose the length that corresponds to the length you need. In case this undercarriage does not meet your requirements, you can always contact us for a customised offer. Please use the intake form to contact us.

Calculate the ideal tracked undercarriage for your machine using the Track frame selector.