Crawler track undercarriage

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VTS track systems can be used multifunctionally. A track system is constructed for loads of 300 kg to 400,000 kg. Depending on the required load and capacities, you can choose a track system with rubber tracks, a track system with steel tracks or a track system with interchangeable tracks, so that you can switch between rubber and steel. The common features of all track systems are the low soil pressure, the 360° turning possibility and the excellent cross-country manoeuvrability. For specific applications and in varying situations, an extendable or a high speed track system is essential. Naturally, many models are available for each track system. As a standard, the track systems are equipped with Anti Vibration Tracks (AVTs), for less wear and greater comfort. VTS Track Solutions is also your partner for custom track systems.




Track system with rubber tracks

A track system fitted with rubber tracks guarantees exceptionally low soil pressure, so that rubber tracks can be used on virtually all subsoils. A track system with rubber tracks does little or no damage to the subsoil and leaves no tracks in the soil. On the basis of the structure of the track system, a number of standard dimensions for rubber tracks are available. Customised rubber tracks are also possible without problems. Read more >>>

Track system with steel tracks

If you opt for a track system with steel tracks, you are assured of even greater traction. A track system with steel tracks is usually used with loads of 15,000 kg or more and on rocky subsoils. Steel tracks are durable and offer optimal stability. Standard sizes are also available for steel tracks for track systems and customisation is possible.
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Extendable track system

VTS Track Solutions supplies track systems that are hydraulically extendable. Extendable track systems are ideal with applications in which the width of the undercarriage is important, as with narrow passages, limited width for transport and extra stability in the extended position. Read more >>>

High speed track system

If a tracked vehicle must regularly travel along (public) roads or if frequent relocations of the track system are necessary, a high speed track system is an efficient choice. A high speed track system can attain speeds of up to 25 km per hour. Read more >>>

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