Rubber track complete overview

Rubber tracks for the agricultural sector, industry, machine builders,…

VTS Track Solutions develops, produces and supplies undercarriages with rubber tracks for a very wide range of applications. Track systems with rubber tracks are often used in the agricultural sector, in construction and in industry. VTS Track Solutions supplies track systems with rubber tracks to OEM machine builders all over the world. Feel free to contact us for information or advice.

Rubber track models

Select a rubber track model below on the basis of weight and dimensions.
Different rubber track dimensions are always possible at no extra cost. Contact us or  complete the intake form with the required dimensions for your rubber tracks.


Rubber tracks for all subsoils

Due to their low soil pressure, rubber tracks are suitable for virtually all subsoils. Rubber tracks leave almost no tracks in the subsoil and do not damage it. Whether the subsoil consists of sand, mud or, for example, snow, rubber tracks are unbeatable on every surface.

Rubber tracks guarantee manoeuvrability and stability

An undercarriage with rubber tracks is stable on all subsoils. Rubber tracks are highly manoeuvrable and stable, which guarantees efficient and safe work.

Anti Vibration Tracks

As a standard, VTS equips its undercarriages with AVTs. The vibration levels with AVTs are significantly lower than with other similar tracks. As a result, there is less wear on the entire machine, in particular on rollers, idlers and sprockets. This leads to less machine downtime and lower maintenance costs. AVTs also provide greater comfort for the operator.

Feel free to contact us for information or advice.

VTS Tracked chassis with rubber tracks