Production in times of the Corona crisis

We can’t ignore it: the corona crisis is stirring up daily life for everybody. The most important thing is to overcome this virus quickly. Personal health comes on the first place at all times. However, it is of importance that we all still have a job after the crisis. At VTS Track Solutions we try to keep the production running in a responsible way.

The government implemented extreme emergency measures which should keep the economy running. It is important for companies and individuals to keep investing. If a company decides to not buy a VTS-D4 undercarriage anymore, this does not only impact our revenue. This results in the local steel trader not selling steel, the painter not receiving paintwork and the transporter having nothing to transport. Delaying an undercarriage order has consequences for the whole supply chain.

Production continues (adjusted)

At VTS we are in the fortunate situation that during this intelligent lockdown posed by the government we can continue to produce within the guidelines of the RIVM. To minimize the chance of the virus spreading we have taken following measures:

– Everyone keeps 1,5-meter distance (also during production)

– Things are not handed, but placed on the floor and picked up

– Warehouse employees have no contact with drivers

– Breaks are held separately

– Office personnel work from home (with a maximum of 1 absentee per department)

Sign with safety measures in our warehouse


Delivery times

Currently our agenda is still filled with assignments from before the corona crisis. We even received new assignments these past few weeks. We are going to do everything we can to keep it this way in order to provide our suppliers with the same amount of work.

Our steel is supplied by local steelworkers. They can keep producing within the guidelines of the RIVM and deliver the steel for our undercarriages in the standard short delivery times.

Deliveries from China

Fortunately, we hear positive news from China again. Very few new contaminations are reported, and daily life gets going again. The suppliers of components such as rolls, and rubber tracks are also reporting good news.  Production is in full swing and the first shipments are on the boat.

In the last blog I stated that everyone is still welcome at VTS. This is of course still the case; however, we have to slightly change this statement. If you want, we can always organize a video-meeting in which we can discuss your wishes. We can postpone the company tour to sometime in the near future.


Sam Leeneman

Sam Leeneman – sales undercarriages



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Production in times of the Corona crisis

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