Reconditioned Travel Drives

VTS Track Solutions reconditions drives and travel motors and has an exchange system for common drives.

When you buy a new or reconditioned travel motor, your old defective final drive may still be worth a great deal of money! Send it in or bring it with you for a valuation.

Defective final drives or travel motors can often still be repaired for a good price, after which they can be used again for a long time without problems. Naturally, you will receive a price quote for the repair of your travel motor or final drive from us in advance.

The reconditioned travel motors and final drives are tested for full operability and are delivered with a test certificate and exchange guarantee.

We have many reconditioned travel drives in stock. For a selection of the current supply, see the ‘Used Final Drives’ category in our online shop.

Feel free to contact us for information or advice.