Electric battery tracked undercarriage

The demand for electric, emission-free machines is on the rise and will eventually become the new standard. However, electrifying your new – or existing – machine can be an expensive, complex and time-consuming process.

VTS Electric Power System

To simplify this process, VTS Track Solutions has expanded its product configurator to include the Electric Power System, EPS for short. As a result, it is now possible to offer complete electric tracked mobile solutions in addition to the standard hydraulically driven tracked undercarriages. Using our EPS configurator, you can now, together with one of our VTS colleagues, configure the tracked undercarriage that suits you best and equip it with a complete electric drive line. Delivery includes controls and, if required, extra battery capacity for your secondary machine functions.

An EPS consists standard of:

  • A set of VTS tracks fitted with our own Fargo Electric travel drives;
  • A Lithium-Ion battery pack tailored to your consumption and machine functionality;
  • The control box including the motor controllers;
  • A dashboard including display for machine activation;
  • The battery charger;
  • A radio and/or joystick controller;
  • All cables and plug connections for a plug & play installation.

Optionally, the EPS can be expanded with:

  • Battery capacity for secondary machine functions;
  • Emergency control (wired)
  • Additional emergency stops to extend your emergency stop circuit;
  • A set of visual and audible signals for your CE certification.


By using our EPS product configurator, you electrify your machine without additional engineering costs. We guarantee a quick delivery time, fixed price, plug & play installation with standard components and full user documentation and certification of the system. VTS also offers a service option for on-site assistance and final adjustment before delivery of your machine.

Advantages electric battery power packs

Apart from the excellent performance of electric battery power packs, a power pack with electric battery drive has several specific advantages. For instance, a power pack with electric battery drive combined with a lithium ion battery is qualifies for subsidies.

Moreover, such a power pack can operate completely autonomously, independent of an external energy source. The following also applies to a power pack that is electrically powered via a battery: no emissions and no noise pollution.