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Hinowa is an Italian company founded in 1987 in Nogara. The company builds machines for working at height and on the ground and has centres of expertise in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. The elements of entrepreneurship, innovation and a professional approach are of paramount importance at Hinowa. Hinowa continues to innovate by constantly developing quality and compact machines that are suitable for difficult surfaces.

Hinowa started making undercarriages for aerial work platforms, cranes, drilling rigs and their own range of mini-dumpers. However, the company later started to specialise in the construction of spider aerial work platforms, crawler lifts, pallet trucks and mini-dumpers for professional use in various sectors. Hinowa’s spider aerial work platforms are specially designed for use on high, difficult to reach workplaces and uneven surfaces. The tracked forklift trucks are ideal for loading, unloading and moving pallets on uneven ground. In addition, the Hinowa tracked dumpers are perfect when you often have to move raw materials such as sand, gravel or rubble.

All Hinowa machines run on tracked undercarriages. Besides the machines, Hinowa also has a wide range of tracked undercarriages. These tracked undercarriages are suited for Hinowa’s own machines as well as for other machine builders in various segments. The tracked undercarriages have a load capacity of between 500 kg and 30 tonnes, allowing a choice of many different models.

It may happen that the track undercarriage of your Hinowa machine breaks down, for instance because your Hinowa it has started to wear out. Fortunately, VTS offers tracked undercarriages that are comparable to other brands, as well as the undercarriages of your Hinowa machine. These VTS chassis are of excellent quality and can often be delivered from stock. On the list below, you will find Hinowa types that are similar to VTS caterpillars. Click on the type of your Hinowa machine and see which equivalent product of VTS you can use to replace the track frame of your Hinowa machine.

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