Electrically powered tracked undercarriages

We understand your need for reliable and versatile track systems that take the performance of your machines to the next level. That is why we offer advanced electrically powered tracked undercarriages that excel in power and efficiency. Our 48V, 96V and 400V Fargo Drives final-drives optimise your machines while reducing their environmental impact.



With our electric-powered tracked undercarriages, you can count on impressive power, regardless of the conditions. They deliver high torque and use advanced drive technologies for excellent traction and pulling power, even on rough terrain. Whether for construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, mining equipment or other industrial applications, our tracked undercarriages ensure maximum performance.



By switching to electrically powered tracked undercarriages, you can benefit from significant fuel savings and lower operating costs. Our tracked undercarriages use advanced electric drive technologies that maximise energy efficiency and minimise energy losses, resulting in lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and increased operational efficiency.



If you value sustainability and environmental awareness, our electrically powered track undercarriages can make an excellent contribution to a greener future by drastically reducing the emissions from your machines. Using electric final-drives not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also eliminates noise pollution, making the workplace more pleasant for both the operator and the environment.



At VTS Track Solutions, we understand that every project is unique and has specific track undercarriage requirements. That is why we offer a wide range of configuration options and customised solutions. We would be happy to get into contact with you to ensure that our tracked undercarriage perfectly matches the specifications and requirements of your project.

With our electrically powered tracked undercarriages, you are ready for the future of tracked machines!