Fuel motor

Fuel motor powerpacks

A fuel motor powerpack is the ideal solution if you have to drive a lot or fast with a tracked undercarriage or if you need extra power to drive hydraulic functions.

The sound and emissions of the machine are greatly reduced by software and technical adjustments. The powerpacks have great hydraulic power, high flow and an open or closed hydraulic system. In addition, the fuel motor powerpacks are compact and complete and all hydraulic machine functions can be integrated into the machine.

The hydraulic output and engine data are displayed optionally on a central display, with the ability to adjust these to personal preference.

Powerpacks completely according to your wishes

VTS Track Solutions designs, develops and sells high-quality VTS powerpacks. These powerpacks are built entirely according to requirements, on the basis of standard components of the highest quality. The fuel motor powerpack functions are developed on a customer-specific basis. VTS Track Solutions also supplies powerpacks in combination with a track system. The powerpacks are often used in the maritime, civil engineering and agricultural sectors, and for offshore applications. This powerpack is fed by a generator or permanent grid connection.

Powerpacks with alternative drives

In addition to electric battery powerpacks, VTS Track Solutions can also supply fully electric powerpacks, electric-hydraulic powerpacks and electric battery powerpacks.

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