Gemmo tracked undercarriages

In 1989, two Italian brothers founded Gemmo Group Srl. Gemmo Group specialises in the design and manufacture of steel and rubber tracked undercarriages for aerial work platforms, excavators and dump trucks, among others. Gemmo Group’s head office is located in north-eastern Italy. This is where the most important national and international transport networks intersect.

Gemmo Group’s production is mainly based on steel and rubber tracked undercarriages, but Gemmo Group also designed several new products later on, including power packs, motorised undercarriages and fire-fighting vehicles. These products are designed for different industries, including construction, gardening, agriculture and industrial use.

Quality control is carried out during the manufacture of Gemmo undercarriages and high quality materials are used to ensure durability. In addition, innovative application programs and software are also used.

tracked undercarriages Gemmo VTS

When your Gemmo machine’s undercarriage gets worn, it can break. To keep your machine from breaking down, VTS offers tracked undercarriages which are interchangeable with other brands, including Gemmo track systems. VTS tracked undercarriages are of excellent quality and often have a short delivery time because the products are usually delivered from stock. In addition, VTS undercarriages can be built completely according to your wishes.

Below you will find a list of Gemmo types similar to VTS tracked undercarriages. By clicking on the type of your Gemmo machine, you can see which comparable product from VTS you can use to replace the tracked undercarriage of your Gemmo machine.

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