Powerpacks / HPU

Total supply in powerpacks

Powerpacks form the solution for mobile track shoe applications. VTS Track Solutions always offers a total concept for powerpacks: VTS Track Solutions designs, develops and sells advanced powerpacks with different drives. We can provide you with electric powerpacks, electric-hydraulic powerpacks, electric battery powerpacks and fuel powerpacks.

Customised powerpacks HPU (total crawler solution)

VTS Track Solutions designs VTS powerpacks HPU and produces these in its own workshop. These are used to drive track systems and for other applications. Depending on the functions chosen, this powerpack HPU also provides the rest of the machine with the necessary energy, electrically or hydraulically. These functions are customised as required. The powerpacks HPU can be supplied in many versions: fuel-hydraulic, electric-hydraulic or fully electric, as well as a battery-powered version. The components used in the powerpack HPU are of Grade A quality and are available world-wide.

Requirements for powerpacks vary from one customer to another. In order to meet the requirements of every customer, every VTS Track Solutions powerpack is built on a customer-specific basis. The team designs and develops the ideal powerpack for each situation on the basis of the customer’s specifications. The machine functions are always integrated in the control and capacity of the HPU. All powerpacks are supplied with an SB declaration for CE certification and with a complete user manual and parts book.

Service in powerpacks

Service is considered of paramount importance at VTS Track Solutions. This is not only reflected in the custom solutions that we offer, but also in our guidance, advice and after sales service.

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