Crawler under­carriage

You have developed THE ideal machine and we make sure that it can move on tracks, irrespective of the circumstances and the surface. At VTS Track Solutions, we specialise in crawler undercarriages that we engineer for you in-house and efficiently assemble from standard components and standard modules. You can be assured they are customised to fit perfectly, are competitively priced and have short lead times.

We deliver fully operational crawler systems, for foundation machines, work platforms, agricultural machines, shredders, cranes and many other applications. We take on every challenge.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Then complete the track frame selector tool below. We give you advice* about which undercarriage would best fit your machine.

Configure here the ideal crawler undercarriage for your machine:

Example of machine category

Working while drivingWorking while driving Category

  • Transport machine
  • Harvesting machine
  • Excavator
  • Road paving machine
  • Bulldozer
  • Mowing machine
  • Dumper

Working while standing stillWorking while standing still category

  • Drilling machine
  • Work platform
  • Concrete pump
  • Piling machine
  • Pile-driver
  • Probing machine
  • Welding machine
  • Fork lift
  • Forage harvester
  • Reel wagon

Operating on outriggersOutriggers Category

  • Drilling machine with outriggers
  • Work platform with outriggers
  • Concrete pump with outriggers
  • Piling machine with outriggers
  • Pile-driver with outriggers
  • Probing machine with outriggers
  • Forage harvester with outriggers
  • Fork lift with outriggers

High speedHigh speed category

  • High-speed transport machine
  • High-speed harvesting machine

*We offer advice, of course, with this crawler undercarriage only. We look forward to working with you, and virtually all the customer-specific applications are possible. Please contact us and we can discuss your wishes and options.


We design, develop and install high-quality power packs for the drive of crawler undercarriages and to provide the machine mounted on the crawler chassis with the required hydraulic or electrical power. A total concept is created in combination with your undercarriage: the tracked mobile solution.

This is how we stand out on the market because we not only build the crawler undercarriage, but also the powerpack in-house, and to the customer’s specifications.

We offer a range of options for powerpacks and energy supply:

Final drives

The final drives on your excavator have a tough job. So tough that they probably won’t last for the full service life of your excavator. Each time a final drive is due for replacement, you can choose to fit an original drive. We offer you a smarter solution at Fargo Drives: an alternative drive of the same high quality and with similar specifications to the original. But with two significant benefits: faster delivery and lower prices. Our final drives are much cheaper, are available from stock and they come with a one-year factory warranty as standard. In addition to hydraulic and electric final drives, Fargo Drives also supplies spare parts for final drives.